Facebook Video Covers

Facebook Video Covers

Facebook Cover Videos are here!

Which means you can deliver more information from your Facebook business page to your viewers.
You can see ours in action here: https://www.facebook.com/bizzleboxproductions. Don’t forget to like our page while you are there!

  • Does your business have a new recently released product? Here is where you can show case it.
  • Introduce your ‘behind the scenes’ team members.
  • Do you run a tour, hotel or resort, here is where you can give them some them the highlights.
  • Showcase a summary of your services instead of using one busy image.
  • Own a restaurant or cafe? Offer the menu featuring your most popular items along with their names.
  • A video portfolio can be created using images as a slideshow showing off more than just one image.
  • You can also keep it simple with an animated logo that brings your company to life.


Create more engaging interaction between you and your viewer.

The video automatically starts to play when someone visits your page, drawing immediate attention to it. In the bottom right corner there is a mute/unmute option. The default is to have the sound muted, but your viewers are just one click away from the full audio effect.
Videos can be between 20 and 90 seconds long. Or you can put your video on a loop.
They are shown on both desktop and mobile sites.

We can work with your logo and the images you supply us with, provided they are of high quality. If you would like us to come to your location and record specific footage for you, please contact us for a quote.