Private Investigator Promo Video - Youtube Video

This private investigator promo video is customisable to you and your business. It comes with a Commercial License for use on Youtube and in your social media. There is also an optional Broadcast License.

Customisable Items:
The following are the items you can change within the video:

  1. Text at 0:04 seconds “Evidence Collection”
  2. Text at 0:11 seconds “Due Diligence”
  3. Text at 0:19 seconds “Surveillance and Counter Surveillance”
  4. Text at 0:31 seconds “Discreet and Confidential”
  5. Text at 0:36 seconds “Asset Tracking”
  6. Text at 0:51 seconds “We Speak…”
  7. Text at 0:57 seconds “Contact Us Today”
  8. Your logo at 0:22, 1:09
  9. Your logo as a watermark


Whats Included:

  • A fully produced high quality HD video
  • Duration: 1:26 seconds
  • Commercial license: For use on your website and social media
  • Royalty free music
  • Professional voice over

Price: $350


Optional Extras:

Language Options:  If you need your video produced in a different language, we will translate our script which will then be recorded by our voice overs in their native language. Price: $110

Script Options: If you wish to provide your own script (Max 150 words) it will be recorded with our British female voice over. Price: $80

Voice Over Options: If you would like an American accent, our male or female voice overs can record our script. Price: $80

Broadcast License: For use in paid broadcasting such as TV, Radio, or Internet. Price: $250

If you have any particular requirements, or need other video editing, let us know and we would be happy to accommodate.